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Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier | The Cocoon for your Baby

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The Worlds Most Comfortable Baby Carrier!

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Kiddo Cocoon.

  Why is Kiddo Cocoon so much better than the rest?

Most carriers use complex straps and fasteners to sell you on comfort and safety, however the fasteners create hard spots that become uncomfortable, and the padding used leaves your baby a sweaty mess. The Kiddo Cocoon uses two crossing loops of fabric that support your baby at chest level, which spread the surface distribution of weight across your entire torso. Then the horizontal loop cradles your baby on all sides from neck to toe, leaving them so comfortable they would think they were back in the womb, but also leaves them just enough room to move. Since there are no buckles or knots like wraps or other carriers there are no pressure points to press against you or your baby making it the most comfortable carrier ever!

Since we use a wicking fabric, it keeps you and your baby dry, and breaths so that baby is cool in the summer. When it is cold, moisture is the enemy, the drier you are, the warmer you are, so consequently our product keeps baby warmer than other products.

How do I pick a size?

The Kiddo Cocoon is has a size chart based on your smallest waist measurement. So to be the most accurate, you should measure your waist at the belly button in inches and use that measurement for the chart.

What size should I order?

Order the size that you were prior to your pregnancy. The Kiddo Cocoon material has stretch and your baby will feel nice and snug, just like their prior nine month's home. As your baby get's bigger, you'll get smaller, always making your Kiddo Cocoon the perfect size!

What if I get the wrong size?

Do not worry, we want every customer to be 100% satisfied, and we will replace any incorrect size with the correct size.

Why Bamboo and why don’t other carriers use it?

Bamboo has many qualities that make it the best fabric for a baby carrier. First, bamboo is soft, softer than Cotton or any other fabric we have found.

Bamboo breathes and keeps you drier than any other product, even better than polyesters and synthetics. This is why it is used today in top of the line hiking and outdoor apparel.

Bamboo is naturally hypo allergenic, and anti microbial so it is safer and healthier than other products, and it does not stink when you sweat like synthetics.

Bamboo is also a renewable resource that grows readily and fast with very little water, and doesn’t need fertilizers or pesticides. It is natural product that it growing all over Asia without any clear cutting or mass farming. This makes it an environmentally friendly product.

Bamboo also blocks ultraviolet light and is UVA/UVB reflective.

Bamboo is more expensive than other materials, and since large companies want to maximize profits to the maximum they generally use the cheapest product they can find which is why only Kiddo Cocoon is the only product made from bamboo.

Is the Kiddo Cocoon safe?

Yes the Kiddo Cocoon supports your baby upright and the horizontal loop supports laterally as well. As long as you stay upright so will your baby!

Please note however that the Kiddo Cocoon is not made for circus or yoga, so if you intend to be upside down your baby could fall out. No baby carrier is intended to be the 100% support for your baby in all positions, and the same goes for the Kiddo Cocoon. If you needed to bend over you should always bend at your knees and never with your waist. If you do bend at your waist it is your responsibility to brace your baby with your arms to protect against falling.

Where is the Kiddo Cocoon made?

The Kiddo Cocoon is made in the USA. We are a small business that is based out of San Jose, CA. We have to import our fabric, because Bamboo fabric, as is most fabric (even cotton), is often not made in the USA, and not available for domestic purchase.

  Please email me for more information on my Kiddo Cocoons!  

The Softest, Simplest, and Most Comfortable Baby Carrier in the World!

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