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Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier | The Cocoon for your Baby

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Kiddo Cocoon!


The Worlds Most Comfortable Baby Carrier!

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Kiddo Cocoon Instructions

The Kangaroo Pouch Hold

Baby Carrier Photo

Step 1:

Put all three loops round your waist.

With the shorter of the three loops (the one with the logo) lower on your hips.

Bring up one of the shoulder loops over your shoulder.

Now you are ready for Baby.

Baby Carrier Photo
Baby Carrier Photo

Step 2:

Place Baby inside the loop that is over your shoulder.

With legs either still tucked inside (for Newborn), or out one leg on each side.

It is real important for hip development that the carrier support from knee to knee.

Bring up the second shoulder loop over the opposite shoulder and spread the fabric out from knee to knee.

Baby Carrier Photo
Baby Carrier Photo

Step 3:

The waist loop which has the Kiddo Cocoon label is now ready to be raised up.

Make sure that the entire loop is spread out, creating a large surface area, this loop is to aid in the support of your beautiful baby.

Baby Carrier Photo


Keep one arm free to support baby, this carrier is meant to take the
weight off your arms so that you can hold baby longer, with out strain.

Make sure that you can see your babies face and that it is free of the fabric.

Your baby must always be close enough to KISS.

Baby Carrier Photo

Here is my first video of how to put on your Kiddo Cocoon

The Softest, Simplest, and Most Comfortable Baby Carrier in the World!

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