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Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier | The Cocoon for your Baby

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The Worlds Most Comfortable Baby Carrier!

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About the Kiddo Cocoon Baby Carrier

  The Kiddo Cocoon was developed by Valerie Rondone after her second child, because she was disappointed with the carriers that are available on the market. That is how she came up the most comfortable, healthy, best bonding baby carrier around. The Kiddo Cocoon’s success is a result of its simplicity, only 3 fabric loops that use directional stretch to support and cradle your baby. There are no buckles or connectors to stick in your back, and no complicated wraps to tie or loosen up. Most carriers and wraps have shoulder straps that pull your shoulders forward and affect your comfort and posture.

Baby Carrier | Valerie and Vivian

Valerie and Vivian

  Baby Carrier | Valerie and Vivian

The Kiddo Cocoon’s cross loops support the baby with you torso which is centered , and the third horizontal loop cradles your baby in close to you giving your baby the best bonding experience you can have with the baby’s head resting right over your heart beat.

The Kiddo Cocoon is made from the best fabric available today. Bamboo blends are the softest driest fabric on the market which it is why top of the line hiking apparel is now made from it. Bamboo is hypo allergenic, anti microbial, and the most renewable and environmentally friendly product available.


“When our baby is in our carrier she is happy or asleep, plain and simple”

Kiddo Cocoon, Inc. is owned and operated by Valerie and Joseph Rondone. We are your average young family trying to raise kids in a fast world.  We started this business in order to make a better life for our kids, and set a good example for them. We want to provide the best product possible to our customers, while at the same time showing our children that you can have a successful business when you treat people fairly.

We hope you enjoy our product and if you do, tell others about it.

Thank you, Val & Joe


Kiddo Cocoon  

We are a proud member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance!

Baby Carrier Industry Alliance

The Softest, Simplest, and Most Comfortable Baby Carrier in the World!

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